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     Due to the great demand for relocation information, we are offering our books to the public and placing a website on the Internet for more accessible information and ordering.  Our website was produced to act as an on-line resource for the over 5 million people who move annually.  It gives a research and learning tool to obtain the needed assistance for all phases of relocation - domestic and international.  They will soon also be available in a downloadable file.

     Wheatherstone Press, publishes Jan Dickinson's internationally-acclaimed relocation books with a wide range of topics including:  the moving process; moving and children; selling, buying, or building a house; garage sales; locating employment; training manuals for corporate administrators; how to establish relocation departments; living and working in The United States and various foreign countries; and much more.  The books we offer are definitely full circle.

     For corporations, on quantity orders, we can include your logo, a cover letter from your company, or your relocation policy at no increase in price to you.  There are significant discounts for quantity orders.

     Prior to this time, Wheatherstone Press publications were only avaiilable to the clients of The Dickinson Consulting Group and The Relocaton Center.  The Wheatherstone Press publications can be ordered on-line with secure credit card transactions.

You can reach our site on the Internet located at  Please contact us with any questions you may have. 

We look forward to doing buiness with you!

Coordinated services of The Relocation Center and The Dickinson Consulting Group make it the perfect one-stop resource for corporate administrators!

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